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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Having Your Trust in God

Photo source:  Trust in God | St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Community

It's important to know that people have different ideologies about the existence of God. In the global sense, so many have doubted and believe that there is no God. They believe that the world is a level playing ground for all without the influence of any Supernatural Being.
In their own judgement, they believe that life gives you result of what you input in it.

Another group which I strongly believe in says there is God. Why am throwing a little light on this two groups is that this can be viewed by any person from any part of the world. I strongly believe that there is God because there are some existences which science cannot explain. That's where the existence of God comes in.

There are many things which exist without the combination of any chemicals or items to produce result. Science or people who do not believe in God cannot explain how things like grasses, oceans, humans and winds came to be. No matter what, the existence of the Supreme Being is clear. I personally call him the great Immortality of all immortals. It's only that person whom have not tasted His goodness that says that there is no God.

Of the truth, God is the great Being that everyone who wants to go far in life must trust. When he establishes you, you stand to gain a lot from what life has to offer. You gain a lot and live great. He always stands to fill you with astonishing ideas that will take you far in life. It will no longer be only the one working but God working in you. That's two in one.

Trusting in Him makes you see beyond what an ordinary eyes can see. When others are seeing with ordinary eyes, you see beyond because the eyes you possess at that point is not just an ordinary eyes of human. When they are pursuing ordinary businesses that yield short term benefits, you see customers that will give you consistence and long term benefits. He will make you enjoy for long because you trusted in him and he showered you with good knowledge and wisdom.

Keep trusting in him. Don't think it's all about you and you can achieve them alone. You can make it when you work all alone but involving Him will make that your hustle more remarkable. Keep trusting in Him and follow up effectively and you will keep prospering and getting sound result. Let it not be all about you because you may get tired on time.

Keep trusting in Him. Have your trust in God. But remember, that should be followed by effective action. I end this topic by David G song "My Trust is in You". Peace be with you.

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