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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Don't give up, Great Things take Time

I started the journey of blogging in the year, 2013. I first started by writing on a company's website in the United States of America. The website publishes articles that are rich in contents.
The website is officially called Hubpages. People refer to the website as content mill. The reason is because authors who write on this platform write on diverse topics. Not only that but the contents are rich.

After writing on this platform, the other important thing is your article being approved. It is when your articles are approved that adverts are being placed on them. Also, they are made available to search engines after they are approved by the team. That is to say that the company has team of workers that go through every article before they see the article as meeting up to standard. Any article that is not approved will not receive advert and at the same time not linked to any search engine.

It was not easy at all but I kept going. On the other hand, there was no remarkable traffic received by the articles I published on the website. I started receiving good traffic to my articles after about a year and six months. Currently, my articles on the site receive more than one thousand views a day, and the traffics keep increasing. I did not give up and that helped me till today.

As a youth, I want it to sink into you that great things take time. No matter the nature of the project you are embarking on right now, do not be in so much rush so that you don't make serious mistakes at the end. Be driven by passion but act carefully. Great things take time.

Some people are down emotionally because of the disappointment they received from the people they trusted. They have been failed by the people that promised them good things. They are down because they could not believe their eyes. I understand your bitter feelings but you cannot keep laying there. Stand up, dust your clothes and keep going. The disappointment is a sign of imperfection in man. So, never mind.

So many people are enjoying their money at the comfort of their home today after working on an application for years. They wrote and re-wrote the codes of the app before they were able to build and release such app to the world. Today, such apps have made them millionaires. Do not give up at all. Great things do not come easy. Nothing worths having comes easy. Keep making effort. Peace...

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