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Friday, 23 June 2017

Extravagant Lifestyle: What do you get from it?

In today’s meeting in the office, it struck my manager to talk about youths who spend money unnecessarily as if they have the whole money in the world. According to him, some youths lack the ability to plan well with the money they earn from the work they do.

He said, some of them would go to the market and buy a cloth of one hundred dollars when a cloth of twenty dollars can serve the same purpose to them. They do all these things as if they are competing with people to know who wears the most expensive clothes while their bank accounts and pockets are empty.
Quoting the manager, “the mothers of some of these guys are in their villages perishing of hunger”. But their sons are messing up in cites because they want to show-off. What a silly kind of lifestyle.
You are not competing with anybody in this life, said my manager. Live your life wisely and do not behave as if you have money when you have nothing in your pocket. He advised that it is time for people to start thinking as men instead of thinking like boys. Plan your life ahead of tomorrow and stop showing off he said.
You can buy your girlfriend a phone of three hundred dollars while you have not sent any money home to your parents who trained you in school since you started working. It is time for deep reflection. What matters much in life is the content and not the container.  It is time youths stop showing off and start thinking of how to live better tomorrow. Take it as an advice and that will be of help to you. Do things moderately and stop showing off because nobody is competing with you. You get nothing from extravagant lifestyle.

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