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Sunday, 16 April 2017

I want to go to Abroad: What is your Base?

It struck me this evening to put this on my blog. Most time when I find myself in the midst of young people like me and the discussion of traveling abroad raised, I see so many perceptions of youths.
Some paint the image of a foreign country, the United States, as a place where people go and pick money off the ground. It appears as if the country is a place where there is money tree that people can pluck from at any time they want.

The United States of America and other European countries has been the targeted place of interest for many African youths. Am not disputing the fact that these locations are good and activities well organized.
My question is, what is your base or plan for and before traveling to the country? That is what you have to think about before moving on.
I have been privileged to dialogue with some Africans who are in abroad currently as well as those who have been forced by the authorities back to their country due to illegal immigration and incomplete papers.
One of them during my conversation with her said: "Nigeria is a good country. I don't see the need for me going back to Australia again because I suffered a lot over there. You can make it here so far God has destined you to make it".
That was her own ideology. She was deported to the country because of incomplete papers. Some blacks who commit heavier offenses sometimes end up dying in prison.
My advice is this, if you want to travel to abroad, make sure you have a good base. If the law states that you must have all the papers up to date, ensure you do that. Also, have a good stand that will secure you a good job. Don't go there without base and end up killing yourself at the end. Shortcut kills!!!!.

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