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Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Best is yet to come-Advice for the Youths

Picture by Uzochukwu Mike Okwuagbala

In the lives of many young people, there is usually a state where confusion shows itself in full nature. In this point in time, many who are in their youthful ages think nature hates them. Some who happen to be Christians sometimes turn their backs to their creator as they have concluded within themselves that there is nothing like God. This and many other wrong decisions come in because the young feel weak.

Through media, we hear of people who died in deserts because they wanted to cross the borders illegally to enter places where they thought they would make it in life. Those lucky ones had made it through this channel but many have been eaten down by termites because of illegal immigration. Till today, the parents and loved ones of these people do not know where their loved ones are because many failed to tell their people before embarking in this kind of journey.
I want to advise you as a youth. The future glory is better than the present. No matter the kind of challenge you think you are facing right now, know that the best is yet to come. The best must come if only you understand few virtues you have to practice and maintain.
Hard Work and Smartness
There is a saying that hard work never kills. I want you to articulate it and make it your companion. So far you work hard, keep doing it and one day you will see that the better life will be part of you. When it becomes a problem is when you stopped working hard at all because of the little result you are getting presently. Look forward for the future and refused to be discouraged due to the present very little result.
When the best will not come is when you do not work hard and expect magic to work. I do not know your religious background but believe me, it is better for you to work hard presently than believing for miracle to happen overnight because you are a child of God. I am not disputing the fact that miracle happens but what the massage is saying is for you to work hard first. When miracle happens, that becomes an added advantage. So, don’t be over religious in your quest to see the best that is yet to come.
You are integrated with brain for you to think effectively. Be an intelligent young man or woman. Don’t be a dullbaby in that your business or engagement that gives you money. Be smart in all your doings and know how to persuade your customers to get what you want from them. Be a sharp person as a youth.

Wash your Hands Clean
Sometimes, youths ignore some things and say they are nothing. Let me tell you, they are something. They are called little things that matter a lot. Majority of the world youths may see this point of view as not being important but it is very important.
Do you maintain clean sheet as a youth? Are your hands clean? Are you sure you have not dirty them because you were trying to play fast boy or fast girl? Make sure your hands are clean. Am not saying you must be an angel but don’t in any way take some actions deliberately and said that nothing will happen and nothing is happening. Something may start to go wrong in your life tomorrow because you dirtied your hands back ago.
Youths of today find it easy to enter relationship and break-up at any time they like because they think they have obtained what they wanted to have. Sometimes, a guy promises a lady heaven and earth just for the lady to go into relationship with him. Once the guy is satisfied with sex which was his point of attraction and not real love, he walks away. The lady may plead and plead and the guy says it is all over.
That is how he keeps moving from one lady to another. He enters relationships and breaks up once he is satisfied with his sexual hunger. Inside of him, he is a player or a fast guy. But the truth is that a guy of this kind does not know he is killing himself and preventing himself from seeing better tomorrow. Break-up is painful and do not intentionally cause any one because you want to fuck that lady and go. Be faithful to one which you love.
Any lady you play as a fast guy may do anything spiritually that will affect your tomorrow. Sex is a covenant. It is a bond which ties partners together. Be sincere in your relationship and stop entering and breaking covenant any time you like. The old covenant you entered may tie you future from shinning.
I am not trying to be too spiritual here but what I just told you is the fact. Wash your hands clean and put effort to make your tomorrow better. I have witnessed many careers that have been destroyed because of the dirty games played at the young age. Be careful in what you do for better tomorrow to come.  

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