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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Determined Youth: A Difference Maker

Sometimes when I go to work, I usually go with my Laptop. In fact, that has become my companion. The reason why I move with the device to office on many occasions is to recharge the battery because there is usually power failure in the part of the country am living in, and there is always power supply (through electric generator) in the company where I work. Sometimes, people see me as if I am the only one that has such kind of device and some of my co-workers in the company sometimes pass some side talks concerning such behaviour of mine.

But because I am a determined youth who knows the target he is trying to meet by working with his laptop, I ignore what they say. In fact, to use the word “ignore” is an understatement, I throw they side talks into refuse dumps. I truly understood that success and attaining greatness is per head and I don’t need to listen to everything people say. 

One of those loose tongues one day summoned courage and said, “Why do you even bring this your laptop that is aligned with gum tape at the back, and this your unhealthy modem into the office?” I just smiled at him based on two reasons. One is that the young man criticizing my devices has no laptop battery not to talk of having a complete laptop. Number two is that he lacks the knowledge of what I do with the laptop. So, he is lost as those words he put together to get me angry were just nothing. 

So, never mind what people say as you have set the target you want to meet in life as a young man or woman. People must talk but just be determined because a determined soul stands to make great difference.
Sometimes when there is no supply of power in where I am living, I put my laptop into my laptop bag and leave the house in search of where there is good power supply. Even when people label me that guy that does not go out without his laptop bag at his bag, I don’t even care. So, be strong my friend and put effort when you have your target to meet. Youthful age involve building processes. There will be a time when you will slow down and have some rest. Just build yourself first. 

I am happy am touching lives. I am glad because I have touched many lives both nationally and internationally through my writing ability. I have worked for people who hired me to write for them and got paid at the end. Not just those in Nigeria but people in other countries including South Africa, Canada, United States and Malaysia. That does not imply that am very rich or boasting but I know am going somewhere. It has been God all the way as there are some other good and remarkable achievements that are ahead. 

Be a determined youth. Never allow anything shift your attention from any good thing you are pursuing. All I know is that you will be happy with yourself when you finally made it at the end. I repeat again “Be determined youth and you will see yourself as a difference maker one day”.  Peace be with you. 

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