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Thursday, 5 July 2018

That little Effort can be a stepping Stone

It is normal if you were not getting it right in the early start. Many people started the same way. They passed through hard times and yet they did not give up.

In life, there is time for raining and dry seasons. These two periods are not the same. During the dry season, there is usually scarcity of resources. It appears as if it will never rain. The temperature becomes hot and people find it difficult to sleep with their windows closed. This happens because of the season.

But, when it starts to rain, plants begin to germinate. There becomes plenty of foods to eat. People at this season can sleep well. Some even wake up late to work because of the calmness of the weather. It's usually a time of happiness.

As a beginner, those little efforts you put in can take you far. The starting stage may appear to be hard. It may seem as if you are not doing anything that will materialize to something bigger later. You may feel like quitting.

I want you to know important things. Quitters never last but tough people do. Tough times never last but tough people do. When you make yourself tough, you become stronger even when people are see nothing useful in you.

I am a living testimony today because I did not underestimate those little efforts I was putting into my writing career when I was in school. I was convinced that when I kept working on my writing, I will have greater opportunities one day.

Those little efforts have given me high visibility today. I have received writing projects from people from different parts of the world. Currently, I am planning to enter into another one. If I did not count those my initial small efforts, I should not have seen myself where I am today.

It was never easy. Am now harvesting what I have planted long time ago. And you know what? This harvest will not end. People keep coming in for projects of such nature because I have built good legacy already.

That is how it is when you are building a business. You have one customer at the beginning. If you continue your business with sincerity, that's how you keep building networks of customers. In time to come, you have long chain of customers. People at some points may ask how you managed to make it but may not understand it happened because of the little efforts you were putting at the beginning.

That is how it is when you are building gradually. It may appear as if you are doing nothing but you are doing something. The reward may not be instantly but you will see it as time goes on. So, never give up in any project you find yourself presently.

As a youth, you have to be strong. Any contributions you make matters a lot. People may say lots of discouraging things but be at your pace. Look towards the end point. Anything you can picture can be created by you. 

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