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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Sow Differently Today to Reap in the Future

It may not be easy as a starter. It may not be simple as a young man or woman. It may seem difficult for you as a youth. It takes time for great things to happen. But the "clean truth" remains that if you sow different today in the future you will reap exceedingly.
It is like someone who is learning how to write computer programs. At the start-up, the whole languages look ambiguous and appear like something that would never make any sense. They may look like something that could never be understood at all. That appears to be a big deal to the learner, and truly it is a big deal.

But when the learner becomes patient to learn the necessary languages that would take him long time to understand completely, the next becomes joy and reaping from what took him a lot of time and brain storming to achieve. 

At those times he was learning the programs; it was a time for sowing differently as programming is not so easy to learn. But when he completed it and got hired in a place where he applied those difficult tasks he learnt, he began to reap greatly.

An example is what we see in an intelligent design that brought the whole world together-Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg and his team started working on the project, it was not an easy deal at all. It took them so much time to write the programs and do the necessary design and the building processes involved. It was indeed a difficult task for them. But because they understood what they want to construct, they kept sowing. They sowed greatly into the project which deprived them both food and sleep.

Their initial aim was to create the site that will bring students together to discuss things about their studies in the other words their “book”. That’s where the name “Face Book” comes from. But due to how great they sown into the project, it turned to a community that brings people from different parts of the world together. Today, Mark is one of the richest young people all over the globe. His project made him rich as he generates a lot of money through advertising and other values that the site offers to people.  

Do not think that something good comes so easy. It is normal if that project you are working on has taken most of your time and energy. It may be so because you are sowing differently to reap greater in time to come.
Photo: Harvesting time 

In the world of writing, there are authors that are known globally for their outstanding books. It took some of those authors’ years to write one book. Those years they were sowing, they were looking forward on the impact the book will make in the long run and the wealth it will create for them as well. They decided to venture their times and create good work rather to producing just small handouts.

Some of the academic books used in schools today are over five hundred pages each. It took the authors time to write without being in a haste to publish anything. They are quality books and today are giving the authors quality income in return.

As a youth, sow different to reap bigger in return. It may take your time but the outcome positive result will worth it. It can create good wealth for you in the long run. Learn how to do things of quality and get quality reaping approach. Do something different from what you have been doing before. It may take your time but the future result will worth it. You will be happy when the gains start coming in the long run.    

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