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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Bounce Back instead of Breaking Down

It is a New Year and many youths have drawn their maps on how to go about things this New Year. Some have made the statistics of how much they will make this year and
some have the list of the properties they will be purchasing before the end of the year. These and many other plans have been made by many young men and women all over the world.
On the other hand, there are youths who are trying to recover from the hit they experienced last year. Some lost their jobs last year and till now, they are still feeling bitter about that. Some due to the loss are ashamed to come out to the seeing of people that live close to them.

As you are reading through this article, some are traumatized. They do not know what to do. They are in a state of total confusion. The youths experiencing this right now find it difficult to stay on their own without associating with their friends just to feel free a little. 

No matter what is the case, in every mistake or loss of any kind, the wise learn. So, learn how to move on. Life does not end there. It is important you see the other side of the challenge. The other side may be you learning lesson from what happened and move on with your life. 

Bounce back instead of breaking down. Youths are known to be brave. So, we need to develop the hearts of lion. We need to be strong. All I want you to do is to create means through which you can bounce back. Start from somewhere again. You can create your own small business instead of being under any company. 

Stand up, dust your clothes and then move on. The year is still fresh so you can still make it. Frankly, you will make it in as much you do the things you suppose to do and do them well. Many have failed many times and because they refused to give up, they made it at the end. You can still make positive impart once you bounce back effectively. The inventor of the electricity we all enjoy today, Thomas Edison failed many times before he got it right at last. Today, he is described as the American greatest inventor. 

As a youth, learn how to bounce back irrespective of what happened. Be it in relationship, business, or education, do not get broken. Do not break down at all. Pick up courage and move ahead. When you break down, you will not be able to conquer. You need to be strong before you can overcome.
Maybe you are passing through emotional stress. You boyfriend or girlfriend left you? That is not the end of life. Life still has many other good things to offer. Do not be totally broken to the core. Summon courage and move ahead. Bounce back and make new plans. When you were born, you two were not born tied to each other. So let he or she be. 

Business may break down but never allow yourself to be broken with the business. Bounce back my friend. When one door closes another one opens. Never allow yourself to be broken down completely instead bounce back.

Challenges are part of life

Do not make it look as if your own is finished because of the challenges you face. Never you make it look as it your own is the worst. Your situation can never be the worst on the planet earth. There are people who face more than what you think you are facing today.

"Challenge management" is what you need to understand. Read more books on how to manage challenges and the stress you face. It will help you much. You need motivation to stand firm and this you can get through books. There are many of such books on Amazon.

This book can help. You can buy it from Amazon:

Learn how to absorb and handle issues when they come. Do not allow any of such issues make you loose balance. Do not take them to heart so that they do not be any burden to you. Hang out with friends and be happy always. Bounce back instead of breaking down. Be strong dear world youths.

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