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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

That Greatness starts with a Step

The journey to greatness starts with just a step. As a youth who wants to attain a particular milestone in life, there are some crucial steps you have to take. But, you have to start with just a step before you take other necessary steps.

In that your present situation, there is need to take an important bold step. Do not be afraid in any way to do that. All you need is to that bold step which may change your life to better. You may find it difficult to do but the latter Glory will worth it. Yes, you will see the positive results with time.

No matter anything, learn how to separate yourself from the crowd. Taking of the step sometimes may not involve large population of people. Maybe you are waiting for your best friend to take the step with you, it is a personal thing. The road to greatness does not involve large number of people at a time. It's small number at a time.

Let me give you an instance. If you are a marketer marketing for a particular company for instance, there may be need at a particular point in time for you to move from that your particular location that will make you sell more of your products. That is taking a step. But the truth is that not all your colleagues will agree with that your idea.

But because you know that taking the step of leaving that your comfort zone will give you better results, you have to do it. The journey may not be an interesting one but you have to do it because you want to sell. Be driven by passion to get to that level you want to be.

The results of that step you took will come. And when it comes, you will be happy and ready to take other crucial steps. So, do not get rotten in that your state because you don't want to take a step that may get you exposed to the sun. It's better to discomfort yourself today and reap for a longer time.

I want to bring to your notice today that many businesses that are growing in your society today is because the managers took bold steps. They first took a step and with time progress began to come into what they do. Many of the business owners are doing exceptionally well both locally and international because of the decision they made.

Food does not fall from heaven. Even if such happened before, it does not occur in our world of today again. As a youth, go out to the street and hustle. Stop blaming everyone because things are not going well with you. Keep taking those steps and refuse to be stagnant.

My advice to you as a youth is this, never be afraid to take that crucial step that is likely to make you. The future positive results worth it. Every rich man in our society today took some bold steps, so, get ready and make that move. No matter the discomfort, look ahead to the glorious days. 

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