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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Just stand, keep standing

Just stand, keep standing no matter how tough it is. Just stand keep, standing irrespective of how hard it may be. A youth once said on my secondary school social media group that he wished he could die and leave the planet earth.

After much debate and reactions on the group, I found out that the young man was facing a hard time. At that point in time, he felt weak and felt like not standing again. That was what happened to him. And such can happen to any other person on the planet.

It is a challenge but those who summon the courage to stand and keep standing will win it at the end. They will make it in the long run. All you need is God, smartness, faith, courage and self-motivation.

Quitting that job you are into when you have no alternative as a youth will not do you anything good. It will end up putting you in the state of regret when you have no other secured job somewhere for you. Put in more effort. Let the divinity see you and do not bother how he will multiply your resources.

Always stay positive. That is a very important factor needed for gradual growth. Keep on seeing brighter light ahead and back it up with hard work. Even when others are lazying around in the office, enter the street and search for results. You will get them if not that day but some other time.

As a youth, you are filled with strength. That strength in you is needed to keep you standing. Use the strength you have in you positively. Never allow the poor result of yesterday to stop you from moving ahead.

When you are down, try and stand. When you feel you are getting tired, call on the Almighty. He can give other spiritual nutrients. Keep on standing my fellow youths. Utilize the strength you have in you. 

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