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Monday, 11 September 2017

Who is a Youth whose Head is always Up?

A youth whose head is always up is that youth that never gives up. He is that youth who never lies down on a particular position for a very long time when he is hurt emotionally.

He is that youth that refuses to be drown by the river by keeping his head up. He is that young man or woman that keeps on hoping for a brighter future irrespective of the challenges he faces. A youth whose head is always Up academically is that young student that refuses to give up in the academic pursuit notwithstanding all the challenges that surrounds him.

I became conversant with the two words "head up" when I first began online publication on Hubpages Inc. That till today is still ringing in my ears. Then, I may publish six articles and only 2 got featured. The featured articles can be searched and found through Google and other search engines.

But those that were not featured were not submitted to search engines. At the end, I was advised to keep my head up. That's to say I should edit those articles that were not featured over again and they will be featured when they met the expected standard. I kept doing that until the expected standard is met.

A youth whose head is always up does not give up so easily. He is always persistent. I don't really know what you are passing through right now. You may be thinking that you may not get to the top again. You can get there if only you keep your head up. Never get tired of doing that which you know can make you tomorrow.

Sometimes, challenges come to us to make us. That which you may be passing through right now is a building process. You have to be prepared for the task ahead. So many countries are passing through hard times right now but the truth remains that any youth whose head is always up cannot eat grass. Keep pushing and never get tired. There is always light at the end of every tunnel. Peace be with you. 

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