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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Glory of the Latter Days is Greater than the Former

It takes only a wise and patient man to see what the future holds for him notwithstanding the difficult time he faces at the present time. So many have lost a lot of values because of their impatience. It is not about rushing and killing yourself over small benefits you want to make presently and at the end achieved nothing.

It is time for you to look beyond your present state. So many started as bike riders on the streets and today they own transportation company and parks where they have their vehicles. Their vehicles are being driven by drivers whom at the end of the day give account to him.

When the man who owned the motor transport company was just a bike rider who picks passengers and conveyed them to their destinations, he was not looking at that his present stage them. He was looking ahead of his later days.

In the world of blogging and book writing, there are many who have achieved sound landmarks. They just started with small pen and paper. Today, those small pens and papers they started with has turned to a very large one. They have made so much fortunate from what they started gradually.

I the world of blogging, which is online articles publishing, an example of a blogger whose later days glory has became greater than the former in Nigeria is Linder Ikeji. This is a lady that started publishing small articles but today has made global impact. Her website which she uses for blogging has become the talk of many people these days.

In book writing for instance, there are many independent authors whose later days has become brighter than the former. These are people who were formally not known by anyone. Today, due to their believe that tomorrow has something brighter than the present, their works has spoken for them. Some of these authors have been publishing freely on Amazon, and the website has helped showcase their works to the world.

Believe that your later days is brighter than the present and work towards it. 

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