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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Managing where you are Currently

Source: Hashtag CV Blog

Sometimes in life, you may feel bitter about where you are currently. You feel bad because you are not comfortable at your pay. You may even feel like querying you boss. It makes you feel so bad.

Even at the middle of the night, you sometimes think and get disturbed. All these worries are because you are not satisfied with the service you are getting from your current job.

But, were you are currently is better than were yesterday. There are many people who are struggling to have that position you are currently occupying. I know you may like to step up but you have to double up your effort and wait on God.

One factor is very important. And do you what that factor is? That crucial and vital factor is God. God's factor must be involved in managing that your current job. Life is not all about physical hustle. It is beyond that. Involving him can make you get better offer later. It can also make you to have greater insight on how to develop yourself in your current job and make more money for yourself. And that will make you live comfortably.

Do not be in a rush to leave your current job. Examine, think, strategize, and ask for wisdom for excellence and there will be brighter tomorrow. Peace... 

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