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Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Applications and Roles of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a great and unique branch. This is some engineering institutions is known as the pride of engineering. It is a wonderful branch which has found many applications in almost all areas of life.
I chose to write on this topic because it is my core profession. I studied Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in the university and I know much on it. Not just the study but I worked with National Metallurgical Training Institute where I got exposed to the various areas of its application.

I am currently working on a book on the title which will be ready for purchase in three months from now. It is a powerful book that is structured to make a great impact in people who specializes in the field.  
In Medicine and Surgery, some of the equipments which are used have the roles of this branch integrated before the end product is made available. For example, glass equipment are used by medicine and surgery experts to carry out their functions. Glass is an area of study in Materials Engineering and they are produced by specialists in this discipline. But, high hygiene is maintained when producing these tools.
At the same time, there are many surgery equipments that are forged. An example of such equipment is the surgery knives. High hygiene is also maintained as these sharp tools are made to avoid contaminating the body system of the patients they are to be used on.
In the automobile, there are many parts made through metallurgical processes. The right materials are chosen and they are at the end moved into the market after intensive inspection. This is because some standards are to be met.
In aerospace, some materials selections are done before they are integrated into the machines. Aircrafts need lightweight parts which are at the same time durable. They are to be durable so that they do not collapse in the course of their functions.
In agriculture and electronics, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering finds its applications. The tools used for the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals are also made by metallurgical engineers. Some of these tools are produced by casting and some others by forging process. Electrical and electronic appliances, on the other hand, have their full products with the roles played by this unique branch of engineering.
In fact, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a good player in many sectors in the world. In the area of sports, entertainment, computer, fashion and other areas, its impact is felt.

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