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Monday, 26 June 2017

Self Comparison: Can it really do You any Good?

Two young persons comparing their earnings

Sometimes in life when things are not going as planned, we start comparing ourselves with others. This in some occasions usually results to severe headache to the one comparing his or herself with the other. The one you are comparing yourself with may have attained greater height than you quite alright but I do not think it will change anything much. All you need is to put more effort and devise new strategies for effective result.

Michael bought new Range Rover Sport just three years after our graduation. Kenneth is currently building new mansion in his father’s compound. Almost all my mates have married to rich young men. I am currently living in a bedsitter, while my fellow men are in three bedroom flats. Hope you know that there are many who are still sleeping under the bridge as they do not have their own apartments?
I know that some of your friends are doing exploits in so many ways but that should not in any way make you feel too bad. I know sometimes you may feel bad because you are human that is made of flesh and blood. But you have to take life easy so as not to fall into mess because you want to be like your friends who have made it more than you. All that glitters is not gold. Some might have made it in a clean way while others have dirtied their hands because they want to be identified as rich people in the society. To be frank, you will not have the mind to do what some have done before they were able to acquire their wealth. But note, some made it in legal ways.
A young lady was once counting the number of people who finished secondary school with her and they were currently in their third year in the university while she was still writing entrance examination to see if she could secure admission. She went further and told me that she does not even know how her parents are going to train her in the university.
I first told her to stop comparing herself with her mates during her secondary school days. It is not who first starts a race that wins. What matters is that she starts making effort on how to make it and also pray to God. Your road may not be the same with the road the other will pass through. Do not always compare yourself with others as a youth because it will not really do you any good. Peace…   

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