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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Looking Beyond Your Academic Certificate

University certificate

One thing is to acquire certificate as a youth but another thing which is more important and practical in the real world is how to live good life with the certificate your acquired from any recognized university you attended. I want to bring to your notice that practical world is not like theoretical school that you attended or you are still attending right now.

I know quite alright that going to the higher institutions of learning is something very nice but of the truth is that not people that have the best certificate makes the biggest money. Yes!! They are not the richest. Some of us are good at memorizing the entire notebooks and have all of them downloaded to the lecturer during examinations. But the fact is that good life is not really directly proportional to good academic certificate.

They are sometimes like parallel lines that cannot Meet at any point.

As a young man or women reading through this post, I charge you to start developing yourself to live beyond the paper certificate you have already acquired. That certificate is good but it is not life. It is a paper that may not stand the test of time if not properly managed.

There are many who are doing pretty well on the planet earth today because they refused to be caged by the paper certificate they acquired through series of theoretical studies. If you are still a student still studying to get your own certificate, do it well and get yours. But in the real world, practical experience gives more enjoyable life than the paper. So, I advice that you also look beyond that certificate you are yet to get.

Learn some good skills which will add to that your certificate. That will not in any way change you from getting the certificate you want after series of theoretical study. Think wise and live better...

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