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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Basic Information in Youth and Youth Empowerment

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Often times, people wonder why many social challenges affect the youths so much. It is so because many are not well guided in life and some lack the basic information they need for youthful development. Poor empowerment is another factor that causes it.

The book is a strong educational material. It cuts across topics concerning the world youths.
Some of the topics treated by the book are youth unemployment: causes, effects and solutions, statistics of youth unemployment, youth empowerment schemes/organizations, tips for becoming a successful youths and others.

It also explained in detail, the roles of the youths in national development. It is a very nice book written by an author that have been working with young people for long. The book is in both digital and hard-copy formats.

You can get copies of the book from Amazon and other online outlets. Click on the above picture and you will be taken directly to Amazon.com. Depending on the seller close to you, this book can also be bought through Goodreads, Createspace store, and Google Books.

Do you know the statistics of the world youths that are unemployed globally. This and many more are what you will study in this book. In chapter three of this book, Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P, the author of the book, presents through his research the population of the world youths that are facing the challenge of unemployment.

Image: The back cover of the book; source: Amazon

In the chapter four of the book, the effects of unemployment among the youths are discussed. The effects of this social challenge is not encouraging at all. It has resulted to so many bad and dangerous activities in our society today. The author did not stop at the negative effects of youth unemployment but provides a lasting solution that can go a long way to reduce the menace to some extent. What percentage of the world youths are empowered? Do you really think it's a nice thing for the young to get empowered? We will learn more in the book.

In the chapter seven of this book, the book covers a unique and motivating approach. Here, the author motivates the youths on what to do to make themselves better. The title of the chapter seven is "Tips for becoming a Successful Youth". The chapter motivates the youths to see green light as something that is not far from them. It advises the young ones that despite their challenges, they can still make it in life. The author gives some some realizable tips that will help the youths to be successful in life. 

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